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Berlin tours in Hebrew – to know Berlin in our own language

The capital city of Germany offers each one of us an amazing experience, an unforgettable journey and a visit at historic places that would greatly amaze everyone. Berlin is known as a city with many attractive sites, great cultural centers, breathtaking views, picturesque streets and certainly, by its street celebrations and festivals that never ends

Berlin's magic is that this city is suitable to everyone including young people that wish to observe information, business people that are between meetings and have several available hours, adults that wish to travel to another place in the world, families that look for a tourist destination that suits to everyone in the family and to students or soldiers that seek for a dream holiday but only for few days

The Reichstag building, The Victory Column, The Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, The Führerbunker – The bunker of Hitler, The Brandenburg Gate are just a few of a list of many places that you are welcome to visit during your staying in the magical city. In addition, you will enjoy from streets that have shop centers all along them, famous marketsThroughout the city and of course many pubs that the beer there is pouring out like water

The capital cities in Europe are knownas special and interesting tourist destinations. Those who have traveled in Berlin will declare that thus capital city provides the hugestand greatest experience that you will always remember. It is mostly recommended to choose The Berlin tours in Hebrew and not to rely on the local language explanations or the English guidance if you don not control the spoken language because all the stories and the explanations are an integral part of the visits in the local sites. In order to maximize your tour in Berlin, pre- order the organized Berlin tours in Hebrew

Berlin tours in Hebrew


Berlin tours In Hebrew - A variety of options

Berlin tours in Hebrew are the best way to make the most of a travel to one of the most fascinating and interesting cities in Europe. As a part of the options you have you can choose:  a guided tour for  large groups or a tour limited to seven people only, meaning that you will enjoy a private tourincluding visiting all the sites that compose the strength of the great city – Berlin. All this tour is in spoiling and air-conditioned tourist vehicles while the vehicle will pick you up from your hotel every morning. Even if you are a business people that have a limited and short time, you can also enjoy from a suitable shorter tours according to your schedule.Even these tours are shorter in time the enjoyment and the pleasure from them are the same and in few hours you can learn a lot about Berlin.

In addition, you can choose a focused tour to a certain site like:"following
the history of the Jews in Berlin" or comprehensive and large tours that include all the places and sites that you and every tourist must visit. There is a special and a perfect tour
for everyone. All you have to do is to choose and to enjoy one of the greatest experiences in your life.


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